About me

About me:
With a background in Industrial Design, I design products with the help of users for the users. I believe in following rigorous research and user testing methods to achieve the results. 
Throughout my design practice, I have worked on consumer products, UI/UX and healthcare projects. I enjoy playing with technology and form, travelling for research, generating prototypes and conducting validation experiments. I have recently graduated from RISD and am open to new opportunities that match my interests. It is my dream to design solutions that truly help people and make their lives better.

My Story:
Coming from a small town in India and joining a design school transformed my perception of people and made me who I am. As a kid, I was fond of helping my mother with her daily chores at home that generated curiosity in me about making 'things'. From making clay toys to painting everything I could find, I loved experimentation. I began sketching portraits in various mediums, that soon made me the 'artist' in the house.
At NID, I followed my instincts and took up projects in different fields to discover my interests eg. agriculture, automobile, consumer appliances, healthcare. My project in healthcare title 'Saving lives at birth' was the one that opened my eyes to a new world of medicine and health. Since then, I have been reading stories about people's health conditions on their blogs and trying to understand their daily struggles. My undergraduate project in social innovation was one of the most rigorous projects that gave me the experience of working with people from different backgrounds, communicating ideas to users and to the experts, validating concepts and making them a reality. While doing this, I also enjoy meticulously sketching wireframes and designing interface of apps and websites. Physical or digital, I work on products that make a difference.  I believe in trying new things and learning/unlearning from them. 

Rhode Island School of Design | Master in Industrial Design | 2015-17
National Institute of Design | Undergraduate in Product Design | 2009-13
Pforzheim University | International Exchange Student | 2011-12

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