Coconut Scraper

This project is a different take on coconut graters that are widely used in India.

This scraper has rubber base that can create vacuum and stay fixed in one place. But it wears out if the scraper is used frequently or not used for a long time.
Though a plate is placed just below the blade, the scraped meat also falls off the plate  due to the circular shape of the plate.  
But some people also use it on the kitchen platform by holding its base against the edge of the platform as shown in the image. This position of the scraper is unstable and also causes body pain.
This concept is aimed to solve slippage problems, meat collection issues and reduce time required for the process. The scraper works on the bevel gear mechanism inside the main body. It has a removable bowl meant for collection of the scraped coconut, a handle for rotating the gear, a removable hemispherical blade, and rubber base with texture for more grip.
The bowl collects the scraped meat and is easy to remove and wash. As pressure is applied from the top on the blade while holding the coconut against it, the scraper does not slip and stays firm on its position. Time consumed for scraping is less if more pressure is applied. 
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